The Scientific Nature of the Whammy

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Random thought: I want there to be an app sort of like Grindr but for fandom friendships. “Here are all the geeks in your area who will talk with you about Buffy for six hours straight.”

Also: application to track people near you who’ll sing duets with you.

YES YES I HAVE SUGGESTED THIS AS WELL. It should have three bits of information:

- fandoms

- OTPs

- position on introvert/extrovert spectrum

I couldn’t think of a name though. Fandomr?


Also instead of introvert/extrovert I’d include “hug policies” and “willingness to discuss smut” and “personal boundaries”. Maybe a text field for triggers.

There have been SO MANY TIMES when I was like…fangirl? Not fangirl? Hmmmmm…

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