The Scientific Nature of the Whammy

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Not that you cannot update your fic on whatever schedule you want, but if you update less often than once a month please consider opening each new chapter with “previously on X-Men…” because there’s no way I remember what was happening in the last chapter.


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Captain America

I decided to pick up a Prismacolor brush pen (because I’m so finicky with brush pens, I’m super heavy-handed and shaky like you wouldn’t believe and I have tried SO MANY different brush pens and have given up hope far too many times…) and I wanted to try it out and? I like it? Like, a LOT? Gonna have to pick up some more in a few weeks, me thinks.

Also I keep seeing all these Cap3 drawings lately where Cap gets shot or dies or whatever just as Bucky gets better and it made me sad and totally inspired so I had to take a shot at drawing something like that heeey. What better topic to try a brush pen out on, pff sorry not sorry.

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Anonymous asked: Natasha and all the avengers post CATWS, maybe bucky does something that reminds her of her past and she gets vulnerable:)


Bucky cuts his hair on a Tuesday. Natasha knows it’s a Tuesday because Tuesdays are the days she meets Pepper for lunch. It’s an old habit they have, broken only when Natasha is in the field or Pepper is too busy to go out. 

Nat’s on her way to Pepper’s office when she passes by Bruce’s lab. She’ll usually stop inside if she sees Bruce working and say hello or offer to bring him something on her way out. 

Today, however, she’s stopped dead in her tracks. Bucky is sitting in a chair with his eyes closed in the center of Bruce’s lab while Bruce trims his sideburns with an electric razor, wiping the short strands that fall off of his shoulders. There’s a pile of brown strands already at Bruce’s feet and Nat feels like she’s looking at ghost.

Here is the man— young and lean with hard eyes and a fierce set to his mouth— who trained her all those years ago, who broke her bones and who’s bones she broke in return. She’s reminded of everything she hates about her past, everything she wishes she could change. At all once, Natasha feels the air leave her lungs and she’s left gasping, reaching for the ledge of the window.  

That’s, of course, when Bucky opens his eyes and catches sight of Natasha. In less than a second he’s throwing himself out of the chair and through the door. 

Bucky stands awkwardly before her. “Hey,” he says.

"Hi yourself," Natasha says. She’s white-knuckling the window ledge so hard her bones creak.

"You like?" Bucky asks.

"It’s nice, not too shabby. Bruce missed a spot."

Bucky self-consciously reaches a hand up and fluffs what remains of his hair. “Where?”

Nat forces her hand off the window ledge and moves to stand in front of Bucky. Her eyes trace the lines of his face, the hard set of his brow, the bow of his mouth. She reaches out, hesitates a moment because she’s afraid to touch someone who is so close to her past, afraid to make him— The Winter Solider who is not the man she remembers, but Bucky, the man who is Steve’s oldest friend and the man who stands before her now— real, but eventually she lays a hand against the side of Bucky’s neck. She scratches her fingers lightly through the short hairs there.

"Right here." 

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